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Gateway to Greece 

So what is so special about these three places in Greece: Athens, Akrata and Kefalonia?

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If you look at the map they just happen to fall on a straight line, making it easy to visit especially if you are travelling with your own car or if you come with the ferry from Italy to the port of Patras, Greece’s main gateway to Italy. 

These three places are my favorites, not that there are no other beautiful places in Greece, of which there are hundreds and hundreds of them, but because I chose these three places in order to experience the surroundings and capture a lot of Greek flavour along the way. These three locations are fairly close to each other and thus make the trip between them short and practical. And they are great as springboards to explore Greece's past, its mythology and classical history not to mention the beaches, the natural beauty and so on.

Itinerary ideas

Possible 2-week Greek holiday itinerary, if you come with you own car:

Possible 2-week Greek holiday itinerary, if you prefer to fly to Greece:

If you take the international ferry from Western Europe then you get off at Patras. Akrata can be reached with a drive of less than an hour. There you may stay at my Akrata apartment. From there you can explore several sightseeing places in the Peloponnese and Delphi. Then you may drive back to Patras or drive to Kyllini (both subject to availability) and take the ferry to Kefalonia. At Kefalonia you may stay at my property, enjoy the beach and relax and you may start exploring this large island by car. You can spend easily a week in Kefalonia and not notice how quickly time goes by. You may take your car and hop to Zante or Leukada via ferry. Then you may drive to Athens, where you can leave your car at my off-street parking and explore Athens to see all the sights via the public transportation which is nearby. Eventually, you head home via Patras. 

I would recommend to fly to Athens international airport, as usually the flights to Athens are cheaper than the international flights to local destinations in Greece. At the airport you may rent a car. You may drive to Akrata to stay there for a few days and explore the Peloponnese. Then you may drive to kefalonia and at the end of your trip you may drive back to Athens. In Athens you may sightsee at your leisure before boarding the flight on your way back home. If you do not need the rental car in Athens, you can drop it off at the airport and then come back at my property in Athens by just using the metro. 

Driving with your own car from Europe

Flying to Athens airport

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    Boarding ferry in Venice
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    Ferry under way

Athens international airport