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Mondo Cosseri Kefalonia Estate 

Outside Lixouri around Kounopetra, Vrahinari and Vatsa is my own paradise

My beloved estate is located in the area of Palliki, on the Southwest part of the island, 10 km from the nearest town of Lixouri. The estate, 6100 square meters large, is surrounded by a stone wall and wrought iron fencing with a tall steel gate, to provide a safe and private environment. Thus the property is very quiet and offers a safe environment with lots of privacy and is also apropriate for one or more guest dogs. The estate has more than 140 olive trees and vines. It contains plenty of gravel paths to walk on and a stone terrace to sit and enjoy the sea view and sunsets.  Also located on the property are outside showers to wash away the sea salt and for use with the pool.

There is something magical about this place that relaxes me and rejuvenates me. There is a beautiful beach a few steps away from the front of the estate. On clear nights, the whole universe of stars hangs over my head and the only sounds to be heard are those from the owls. 

Inside the property are the following tourist accomodations:

Mondo Cosseri Kefalonia Villa Rossa 

Mondo Cosseri Kefalonia Club Suites


Recycling trash, using solar cells for heating water and collecting surplus wood from my other land properties in order in the future to burn for heating. These are some of my practices which underline my commitment to sustainable use of resources

Walking under the blooming olive trees in Spring, participating in the grape harvest and wine festival celebrations in August, working hard with the olive harvest in October. So many memorable experiences which tone muscles!