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Olive Oil

Inside Mondo Cosseri Kefalonia Estate

I produce a small quantity of organic virgin olive oil with a particular rich taste due to the unique soil conditions of my property. Every year, I harvest the olives anytime from mid-October to December, depending on the weather. This is backbreaking work! I scramble to collect all olives within a few days and get to the oil press before the olives start going bad, as this affects the quality of the oil. Then I have the olives cold-pressed, to preserve their natural healthy properties. My extra virgin olive oil is bio and cold pressed. In November 2017, my oil scored 0.3-0.4 on the acidity test! The range for virgin olive oil is 0.8%-2% according to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia on Olive oil acidity 

I also use home grown spices such as fennel and rosemary. My seasonal grapes are delicious. Most of what I cook contains my own cold-pressed Virgin Olive Oil and my own herbs